What the Winter Has Done to the City of Dreams.

On the left is the terrace view in Bangalore in November 2020 and on right the same view now in February 2021.

That’s the winter effect in Bangalore. Mercifully, not all leaves have gone and it’s still green on the whole.

In spite of turning into the Indian Silicon Valley with resultant concrete jungles and unmanageable traffic, Bangalore has the greenery.

And there are always some lacing of colours with exquisite flowers.

It’s a city of dreams.

What the Winter Has Done to the City of Dreams.

That’s Nine Months In Bangalore. Now Back To Kochi.

We came to Bangalore on March 5, to make a modification to the Bangalore home and the initial plan was to go back in about two weeks.

That’s when the pandemic started and we decided to stay put.

Bangalore is not new to us. I came here in 1992 to set up a new card business infrastructure for Standard Chartered Bank. And that move gave the opportunity to move internationally to be what I call myself a ‘global citizen’.

I even voted in the British elections.

This second Bangalore stint is also eventful. I got the time and inclination to practice some good wellness programs.

Now back to Kochi for a couple of months, to be back in Bangalore again, and that perhaps would be the plan going forward.

A couple of months in Kochi with the water view and then couple of months in Bangalore for the green view.

And some activities around them.

That’s Nine Months In Bangalore. Now Back To Kochi.

Flowering Seasons in Bangalore!

It’s Jacaranda and Gulmohar trees that colour Bangalore in March. That’s not all. Come September, the trees wear colours again.

Here I have four frames of our terrace view of September. The usual terrace view has been the 270 degrees view of the Bangalore skyline across lush green trees of Jayanagar water works and adjacent Nimhans. The trees entice the eyes with a magnificent display of flowers.

The greenery, sanctuary to an incredible breed of birds, sport flowers during March – April (purple and red), May- June ( rose pink) and now September- October ( crimson and yellow).

I have to keep an eye for what it would be during the rest of the months.

It’s stunningly beautiful!

Flowering Seasons in Bangalore!

Bengaluru! Still Bangalored!

E-Waste Drop Box

So many good things are going for Bangalore. This e-waste drop box, I found on the main entrance to the BBMP (Bangalore Municipal Corporation) head office.

One good thing is the weather. Well almost! You may find nursing some allergy while enjoying the weather. But it’s cool, literally.

The Namma Metro has plans to cover the entire city. The stretches completed are full with users. The progress is slow. But it’s the snail which won the race.

There’s greenery everywhere, justifying the old name of ‘garden city’. Then there’s Lal Bagh, the biggest and the best.

And then there’s traffic. The city just won the number one in the world title for the worst traffic.

But we remember the snail 🐌

Bengaluru! Still Bangalored!

Bangalore- There’s Always Something About It!

‘Unliveable’ many would say getting frustrated at the traffic jams plaguing the once garden city, Bangalore.

But there’s always something about the place! Many a times I would wonder what it is.

The weather, yes at 3000 feet above sea level, the city enjoys a very comfortable mild weather. When asked, this is the first mention as a plus for the city.

Bangalore certainly has evolved over the years, not just into the name Bengaluru but from garden city and retirement paradise into the undisputed Silicon Valley.

That drives the techies to migrate here. I remember someone telling an interesting story of world’s richest man making a data based decision. His analytics found a large number of experts from Indian state of Andhra Pradesh working in his company.

That made Microsoft to open their second development centre outside USA in the state. But apparently the preference of these talents after USA is to work in Bangalore.

The migration brings in more jobs, employers, buildings, home demand, taxes and traffic.

Many of world’s back offices are located here. But like a Bombayite who just shifted said ‘there’s no night life in Bangalore while Mumbai never sleeps’. He however added hastily ‘but I like it here’.

Perhaps those working on US timings may get inside their offices by 9 pm when the city goes to sleep.

There’re pockets of hope and progress. Namma Metro, the city’s rail network, though terribly delayed is set to be totally covered when completed. The segments already completed are running full and brimming.

And then this view from our balcony in Jayanagar. Here’s a forest before the 270 degrees view of the Bangalore skyline. We can point at the landmark buildings from World Trade Centre in Yashwantpur through to Vidhan Soudha, Kanteerava stadium, UB City, my former office in ‘Raheja Towers’, Koramangala, Banarghatta to Sarjapur.

The title ‘Garden City’ may be in dispute, but Bangalore still has those trees protected dearly by the well wishing residents.

Bangalore- There’s Always Something About It!