Best Food is, When You Make It. And It’s Fun Too!

Food is taste of it and presentation. Well there are somethings more to it!

It can be healthy, it can be pure and it can be fresh along with being good looking and tasty.

I managed (I think) to do all of these in the three items that I made.

1. Avacado and poached egg on toast with parsley topping.

Poached egg, well it was so amateurish! I did add a tablespoon of vinegar and created the vortex. But the yellow and white went in separately. But yes, it was tasty.

2. Avacado juice

It’s quite simple. Ripe Avacado with milk and water in NutriBullet give the perfect juice. Used coconut sugar for healthy reasons and taste.

3. Mushroom Soup

Voila! It’s a Michelin Star product. Used fresh mushrooms, onion, bay leaf, butter, chicken broth, coconut flour instead of maida, milk, fresh cream, pepper powder, parsley and little bit of grated nutmeg.

Delicious and healthy.

A satisfied cook ☺️

Best Food is, When You Make It. And It’s Fun Too!

Avacado Dark Chocolate Pudding

Avacado is healthy fruit and good fat. There are plenty of them in Bangalore and I have done many delicious smoothies and guacamoles.

Change makes it interesting. There are salads and those on toast with eggs are all options done. That’s when I chanced upon this idea, pudding.

Scoop out the ripe avacado and run it in a mixer. This is my wife’s method. The recipe talks about mixing everything together. But this method makes the contents smoothier.

Add honey and chocolate powder into the mashed avocado in the mixer and mix the contents into a very smooth consistency.

Transfer the contents into cups, chill for a while and the pudding is ready.

Put a sprinkle of sea salt on top to get that differentiated taste.

It’s really good and healthy.

I may try variations like adding coconut milk and freezing the pudding, to be softened in the mixer again before serving.

And you know what, the recipe is from the YouTube video by none other than Martha Stewart!

Avacado Dark Chocolate Pudding

Growing Avacado From Seeds.

Growing tree from seeds is the natural process. But modern planting is about faster methods like budding and grafting. Except of course the staple grains which are broadcast with seeds.

Avacado is good fat and for a Keralaite like me, an acquired taste. Then why not grow avacado!

I have seen the trick of growing it in water and decided to try. Pierce the seed on sides with small sticks so that it can rest on the sides and float on water in a small container or bottle. And i placed it on the terrace for the ample supply of sunlight. The right way is to use three sticks, but I have used only two.

Success, it’s sprouting. First the root came down into the water to draw the nutrients and then the leaves. I have to transfer it to a pot and eventually to the land for my own avacado tree.

Growing Avacado From Seeds.