When My Kombucha Turned Bombucha!

I wanted fizz, just enough for it to come out frothy. I was not getting it with normal bottles and the Kombucha found ways of leaking out during second fermentation.

That’s when I found flip top, air tight and good looking KromeBrew bottles.

And I wanted to do well. Used fresh mango juice, added some sugar and fresh crushed ginger to add to the fizz.

And then my stupid act, left very

little gap of air so as to force the gas to hide into the juice.

I scored 1 out of ten. The one for the fizz.

Bottle maker KromeBrew gets 10 of 10.

75% of the Kombucha flew out and I took over an hour in clean up.

It literally hit the ceiling

Shhh….. thank God, it was not the fan.

Perhaps I have the world record of flying Kombucha to what could be 30 feet high.

I have 5 more bottles and I’m assembling a disposing squad.

When My Kombucha Turned Bombucha!

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