Chakka Undas. Jackfruit Balls.

Chakka Undas or jackfruit balls are probably the most traditional and difficult to make Kerala sweets.
Ripe jackfruit deseeded and flesh mashed in NutriBullet into a purée
Ghee is heated in a hard bottom vessel and the purée is added. It’s mixed well stirring constantly.
A little bit of ginger powder is added which is the only ingredient used here as I want sugar free genuine undas.
The shelf life is dependent on how long the cooking and stirring takes place.
I made quite a bit some four years back and some are remaining in the refrigerator for a quick snack with coconut slices.
While it took some hours, this is completed in a couple of hours.
The cooled down varatty is made into small balls and run over roated rice powder so that they won’t stick together.
I have 50 chakka undas here to last for a few months.

Chakka Undas. Jackfruit Balls.

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