Balcony Trees

Plants In The Balcony
I visited a plant nursery yesterday and bought some plants for the balcony. The person who helped me bringing them up from the car to the balcony mentioned that citrus is not an ideal home plant.
I am not claiming that I don’t believe in superstition, and traditions are to be respected. So I turned to google.
First, it’s not the lime he’s talking about, but I got mandarin orange and sweet orange plants.
Orange trees are Feng Shui friendly. Then there are locational guidelines.
Accordingly, the orange plants are on the South West of house. See I don’t pay heed to superstition 😉
I am most thrilled at the ‘all seasons, dwarf mango trees’. Imagine mangoes in your balcony; all season.
Total Bliss.

Balcony Trees

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