Yogurt in Crockpot.

We get our yogurt from the stores, thick and pure white. As for all store bought packaged foods, I am not very sure if preservatives, thickeners and sweeteners are used.
That’s when I see one of the twelve options of my Crockpot as Yogurt.
Bought a litre of packaged full fat milk from the store and did the crockpot process as per the cookbook.
It should have been thick well fermented Greek yogurt copy, but I find lots of water, even though it tasted good.
That’s when I remembered my classmate, who’s in US trying to make coconut oil using packaged, tinned thick coconut milk. She found no oil after boiling it to the end.
If we can do the full process ourselves with natural ingredients, it’s the best way!

Yogurt in Crockpot.

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