After Kappa Vada, it’s a natural progress to the other staple Chakka. So it’s jackfruit cutlets which is already trending in places like London.
Take out the raw jackfruit bulbs and remove seeds. Cut into small pieces and boil in a little water and salt till soft.
Heat coconut oil in a vessel and add finely cut fresh ginger, cut green chilli, finely sliced onion and curry leaves. To this add half tsp of turmeric powder, one tsp of garam masala, one tsp pepper powder and salt.
After the onion and masala are done and mixed well, add the boiled jackfruit and mix thoroughly.
Make the mix into cutlet shapes. Break two eggs and beat well. Add one and half tsp of cornflour and beat till frothy.
Spread powdered bread crumbs on a flat lid. Dip the cutlets in the egg mix and roll on bread crumbs.
Pour sufficient quantity of coconut oil in a vessel and bring to boil. Reduce the fire slightly and deep fry the crumb coated cutlets.
Yummy, healthy Chakka Cutlets are ready.

Recipe curtesy : https://youtu.be/pYZbgajrdEA


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