Coconut Oil For Cooking. You Can Eat It Too.


I used to make virgin coconut oil using the boiling method. I must start doing it again, considering the numerous health benefits of using it.
Research findings are still pouring in, and though not yet fully certified to a Nobel Prize level, the results are highly encouraging.
Once thrashed for it’s saturated fat, it’s now a darling, as fat is good.
Coconut oil is best for cooking, not only for it’s taste, but it has the highest boiling point, making it the best for high heat cooking.
It raises the good cholesterol (HDL) making it great for the heart.
It may help lose weight.
Perhaps a striking feature is available right here in Kerala where I belong. Keralaites have the highest life expectancy in the country, matching the advanced world, and we use coconut oil for almost everything.
The attached ‘Healthline’ article speaks more.

Coconut Oil For Cooking. You Can Eat It Too.

4 thoughts on “Coconut Oil For Cooking. You Can Eat It Too.

  1. I never had any doubt about the benefits of cooking with coconut oil. Only some allopathy docs ill advised in eighties against it. Ayurveda never said anything agaist it. As you rightly said, the healthiest people in India are from Kerala and it proves that.

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