The Way To The Heart Is Through The Stomach!

Picture credit Pinterest.

Remember this when everything fails. There’s nothing more alluring and effective than some good food. Especially when hungry.

I have found this to be true in Instagram. Ever since I started talking about food, I became a good boy in Instagram.

I am a blogger on WordPress with more than a thousand blogs and matching number of followers. I write what comes to mind mostly.

I am inherently fond of tradition in food and I am willing to be a revolutionary if traditions are trampled. That’s when I found Instagram full of activists like me, promoting traditional food.

I love to be among the sweet heart foodies there. Doesn’t matter if I am an intermittent faster. After all it’s not denying food, but only delaying it.

I found the way to sweet hearts, and it’s through the stomach and it works ‘vice versa’.

The Way To The Heart Is Through The Stomach!

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