Vegetable Art, And Quite Crafty Indeed.

It’s beautiful, she can convert ordinary vegetables into exotic flowers, my wife does this as a hobby and also to decorate her party table when she’s a house party hostess.

Then a teacher is a teacher. She’s a qualified teacher after acquiring a teacher training degree on top of her post graduation. But then she chose to teach in schools where our daughters went, and was the driver of our Ambassador car turned school bus.

She then became a much loved supply teacher in international schools in Philippines, HongKong and London where we were posted earning significant per diem pay.

However our final international location, Kuwait’s international schools had a blanket rule, teachers are to be native English speakers. That’s the passport should be of a English speaking country. No debate on it, but the students lost a good teacher.

I said, a teacher is a teacher and our guests in Kuwait were attracted to the explanations on what and how each flower was made.

One of them, secretary of British Women’s Association requested a demonstration for some 20 of their members. And 38 turned up at our residence. And thus started her Vegetable Carving classes. I am a beneficiary when she bought the Omega watch of the type James Bond wore, on my birthday with the money.

Once she got a call from the chef of a five star hotel wanting to be a student.

The best part was the vegetable flower soup after the classes.

Vegetable Art, And Quite Crafty Indeed.

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