How About Bonsai, Then!

The Chandrakaaran mangoes from the tree in our Thevara compound is the best variety of Naadan mangoes with an exclusive taste.

I put a few seeds in a bag with soil, planning to take it to my hometown to replant in the land there. These trees could grow 30-40 feet in a number of years.

But the acute covid situation and the discouraged travel prevent this 70 km trip. In fact I should have been going there to attend the funeral of my first cousin’s daughter who sadly left us due to delivery related complications.

I have to think about Bonsai, a wild thought, for these little seedlings.

Any ideas?

How About Bonsai, Then!

2 thoughts on “How About Bonsai, Then!

  1. Wow.. That’s my first reaction to see your plant.

    I developed the hobby of creating a bonsai tree during the lockdown last year.. One of the hardest problem that I faced a few months later was to find the best fertilzer for it. I used compost, Osmocote – slow release bonsai fertiliser etc..

    I’m definitely gonna try this next week.

    Looking forward to more gardening tips.

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