Michelin Star Feel. Bangalore’s Own Donne Biriyani.

I have done it, always wanted to make the Donne Biriyani which my wife Sunu likes very much. I am adding this to the Adiga Sambar which again is Sunu’s favourite and Thai Green Chicken Curry (which is our favourite) for the Michelin Star feel items.

The recipe is from YouTube channel ‘Cook With Tabu’, of the instagramer @cook_with_tabu.

The YouTube video is in Hindi. But very easy to follow as long as you can understand the names of the ingredients. Of course the pictures are shown.

The modifications I made were to start with pressure cooker and steaming for 4 whistles when the marinated chicken was added.

Another was to use a rice cooker which stops automatically when the added water gets over. So I added 31/2 cups of rice and 5 cups of water so that rice is cooked 70% only.

The third modification was to do the elaborate Dum. For this I used 1/2 cup hot milk, pinch of saffron, little turmeric powder, 1/2 tsp garam masala, 1 tbsp ghee and two teaspoons of Rose Water.

And the modification I like is roasting cashew nuts and kismis and spreading them on top.

The only thing missing is the Donne, the boat shaped serving plate made of the bottom part of the areca nut tree leaf.

Sunu loved it, I too love it.

Thank you Tabu for the recipe. Her channel is:

Michelin Star Feel. Bangalore’s Own Donne Biriyani.

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