Chakka Ada. An All Natural Delicacy.

Those of you who follow my posts must have seen my recent one where I made Chakka Varatty (the reduced overripe jackfruit). I mentioned making Chakka Ada using it and here it is.

I took a cup (slightly bigger coffee mug) of roasted rice powder. Boiled some water in a vessel and added the powder mixed with a tablespoon of pure cow ghee and a pinch of salt. Mixed well into a soft consistency and kept for cooling down.

Took a good helping of chakka varatty from the fridge and mixed well with grated coconut of half a coconut. Please note that I didn’t add any preservative or jaggery or sugar in the varatty. It’s sweet with the sweetness of jackfruit.

Took some banana leaves and washed them. It was then moved along open fire of the stove. This serves two purposes. 1. The leaves become mailable and won’t break easily. 2. Any unwanted things not cleaned in rinsing in water get destroyed.

Cut the leaves into almost squares. I took five such cut parts. Greased the leaves with some pure cow ghee. Took the cooled down rice mix and spread it on the leaf after making into a ball and spreading with hand on the leaf. Put the chakka varatty- coconut mix on the middle of the ada and folded the leaf covering the chakka with rice mix on both sides.

Steamed them well in an Idli steamer. The all natural yummy chakka ada is ready to enjoy.

Chakka Ada. An All Natural Delicacy.

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