Restaurant Review- Donut Factory.

After 21 hours into intermittent fasting, appetite is never a problem when wife suggests eating out. The usual suspects are sumptuous vegetarian thali places, fish specials or biriyani houses.

But Chinese, Thai or those fast food joints are always in focus. So decided to go Chinese, but the place in mind was under renovation or moved out. That’s when I suggested ‘burger’.

‘Where’s the Beef’ may be a TV commercial slogan in USA against rival fast food chains. But it’s a fact in Indian fast food outlets. But not so in Donut Factory in Kerala Kochi.

Donuts, yes when we used to visit Dunking Donuts in USA at breakfast time, it’s for their egg muffins. Similarly we didn’t think about cheesecake when we visited Cheesecake Factory in Kuwait. But then the Kuwaiti outlet makes delicious everything else, but the cheesecakes are to be imported from USA.

A good thing about Panampally Nagar is that one can park the car easily. The factory is frequented by students and youngsters. That’s not a problem as mentally we are no older. There’s advantage price to suit the target audience.

We had mint- lime juices, big prawn Tempura, me a huge Burger with plateful of potato wedges and wife a juicy steak with lots of mushroom, bell peppers, zucchini etc. We were so full that the planned ‘sizzling brownie ice cream’ was given a pass.

Of course, it’s a habit not to eat donuts in donut outlets.

Fabulous place, tasty food, good price and variety. Staff very friendly, but as usual some training on soft touches could do wonders. Highly recommended.

Restaurant Review- Donut Factory.

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