Happy Easter!

Easter egg, the most eagerly awaited gift on Easter during my childhood days, was large sized made of icing sugar (hard) and thus white.

My father used to get them for us from Kottayam, the district headquarters to our small village, Thidanad.

We used to break it carefully looking for the small items inside, the most attractive of them being a plastic toy watch. Others include toffee, whistle, eraser etc.

We used to sport the watch for the next few days to school till it’s broken.

I remember Easter eggs at Flurry’s Calcutta when I was working there. The chocolate coated ones were most delicious and expensive. The ones at Kathleen in New Market were equally delicious and much less expensive.

Easter was not eggs only. It was breaking the non-veg abstinence of 40 days and after church the families were treated to sumptuous breakfast of all types of meat and a specialty called ‘kallappam’ along with usual appam etc.

Hot Cross buns were alien and not common in our village life.

This year church is online, eggs fancier and egg sized, abstinence upgraded to intermittent fasting. But the spirit and memories remain.


Happy Easter!

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