Food, Activity and Friends!

Beyond our primary role of winning the daily bread, food, activities and friends are areas which make us happy.

When I say food, it’s not only in eating. There’s joy in making, bringing in innovation and also ensuring that traditional ways and food are retained. There’s also power in conquering hunger for wellness.

Activities are things we do for passion and again wellness. These include sports, competitions, gymming etc.

And friends, of course this is a very important ingredient. Physical friends are highly desirable, but it’s limited with the advent of the pandemic.

That’s why social media is important. One gets to be in touch with thousands of friends, connected with some common passion and not necessarily close acquaintance.

Reaching many of them on a regular basis is well facilitated by posting something of the day and providing access to friends to view and respond.

For that matter, in addition to the mention of the importance to the three, today’s Good Friday and what is a better day to do fasting beyond 24 hours. If I succeed, it will be my first fast beyond a day.

Food, Activity and Friends!

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