Puttu vs. Idli.

World, apparently celebrated the ‘World Idli Day’ on March 30. I have seen claims like the healthiest breakfast in the world etc.

It’s good, I also like Idli, and it’s steamed and consumed with Sambar, a simple vegetable based sometimes fiery preparation. Additionally a coconut based Chutney is used to enhance eating pleasure.

Puttu ( or Poott that I used to call from childhood) is just being presented to the world from the breakfast tables of Kerala.

There’s no world puttu day as far as I know, but it can certainly claim to be a very healthy, if not the healthiest breakfast.

What’s eaten with Poott? Well, anything and everything. That in fact gives my favourite rice based steamed food with liberal capping of grated coconut, the claim to stardom.

Accompaniments include a huge list like kadala, pappadam, banana, steamed Kerala banana, jackfruit, eggs, fish prepared in any which way, similarly for any meat, honey, maple syrup, Kerala palm syrup called ‘paani’ and you name it.

All the above can be taken along with steamed poott or mixed with the powder and then steamed together. White or brown rice can be used. Even wheat powder or ragi (finger millet) are used.

My Instagram friend and neighbor Reeny posted a new poott, mango poott which is the rice mixed with fresh mangoes and steamed. Something which I will try this mango season.

If you haven’t tasted poott yet, visit Kerala or a Kerala restaurant near you or come home.

Puttu vs. Idli.

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