Happy Holi!

Holi, celebrated as Festival of Colours, also signifies the victory of good over evil.

It’s rather muted in my home state Kerala, but I am exposed to it’s might in full while working in Mumbai.

It had a different taste when I was working in Calcutta. For some reason, it was celebrated a day after the national celebration day with national holiday.

Then imagine the Calcutta Holi being celebrated when one has to go to office. The missiles from rooftops to the roads didn’t always contain pleasing colours and innocent liquids.

Certain localities have frenzied celebrations. That I would watch from the sidelines and enjoy. Like I used to spend New Year’s eve on Park Street Calcutta during my bachelor days. It was mostly the cars kissing each other while ushering in the new year.

And today we celebrate the victory of good over evil. Happy Holi!

Picture credit: Pinterest.

Happy Holi!

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