Brindhavan Vegetarian Restaurant, Kochi Kerala.

I just finished my yoga when my wife said ‘let’s have lunch outside’. ‘Yes provided we can be back by 1.30’ was my answer. Why such a condition, simple, India vs. England one day cricket international was to start at that time.

Where? was the next question. A vegetarian place! Yes vegetarian for today Friday for us the strictly non vegetarians.

Not that we’re practicing non veg abstinence during lent, but something we learned in childhood sticks. No meat on Friday, especially during lent.

That’s why we decided to explore the new one in town. There’s another reason also, the three overbridges on the highway make it easier to reach.

Tasty Thali was served on fresh and green banana leaves. There’s choice of white rice (wife) and brown (me), variety of tasty curries, parippu, Sambar, pulissery, curd, pappad etc etc. There was even ghee to pour on top, a taste enhancer since fat now is good.

There were plenty of people to serve, slightly untrained but extremely helpful.

A nice place for a good vegetarian lunch

Brindhavan Vegetarian Restaurant, Kochi Kerala.

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