Pulinkuru Undas. (Tamarind Seed Laddus)

Pulinkuru Undas

It started with the availability of packaged sweet Tamarind from Thailand. Eating them forms sort of an addiction and the seeds come out easily. Pulinkuru brings nostalgic memories of friends bringing roasted ones to the school and us enjoying them.

But there wasn’t enough, and Amazon is resourceful. Hence ordered tamarind seed powder. That’s when I saw that the powder is an acknowledged soothing agent for knee pain and used in traditional treatments.

Then I found a recipe to use the powder in a good way. Roast some powder and keep aside. Roast rice and powder in NutriBullet when cold. Use slightly more quantity of rice powder.

Add jaggery powder and good quantity of grated coconut to the powders. Mix all with a teaspoon of cardamom powder. Add palm syrup or honey to get the consistency for making into balls.

Health Hint : Use palm jaggery and brown rice

Luxury Hint: press half a cashew on each ball.

Add-on Hint: Using mashed seedless dates will bind the balls better and enhances taste.

Enjoy the pulinkuru Undas.

Pulinkuru Undas. (Tamarind Seed Laddus)

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