A Jackfruit who Scored a Century.

I wrote about the jackfruit that I got from my brother. I cut it to take out the flesh (fruit pods) for enjoying the goodness of this super fruit.

It was not the biggest of the fruits that I handled, but it was just amazing when I counted the pods. There were more than 100 of them.

Usual jackfruit gives about 40 pods. This fruit was special. The entire fruit was filled with juicy, yummy pods.

In Bangalore, one pod is sold at ₹5 a piece, sometimes going upto ₹10. As such the fruit is just valuable.

The seeds inside the pods are also quite big and firm. There are several user with the seeds, making them separately health food.

More and more health benefits of jackfruit is being revealed making it a superfood.

Quite a fruit

A Jackfruit who Scored a Century.

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