Competitive Sports Resumes.

I was to go to Kansai in Japan in May 2021 to compete in world masters swimming, which is now postponed to May 2022 due to Covid.

Preliminary competitions at the state and national levels were not held in 2020. Now the Kerala state masters games are to be held from March 12 to 15 2021 in Thrissur.

Swimming pools were closed and we’re short of practice. Worse, I got a shoulder impingement trying to mimic swimming on land.

With barely 10 days for the meet, I have started in the pool. And it’s tough with the first casualty being my intermittent fasting schedule. For example, last night, I had to eat at 10 pm, while my dinner gets over at 5 pm on a fasting day.

I am a river swimmer and used to play water polo in college, but not competitive swimming. I have been a shot putter and I have registered for the masters shot put and discus throw too.

Frankly I am not fully prepared and I am slightly injured. But it’s in taking part and any medal will be a bonus.

Having said that, all of us are short of practice.

And in a competition, the target is to win.

Competitive Sports Resumes.

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