Chandrakaaran, the best of the best in mangoes.

It’s not Alphonso, or for that matter other popular varieties like Banganapalli or Malgoa that comes to my mind when it’s on the best mangoes. It’s Chandrakaaran.

And there are many varieties within shankarakaaran, depending actually on the tree for it’s taste and goodness.

The best of the best then is seen in the image here. It’s from the mango tree in our residential compound.

Coming in the category of ‘naattu maav’ (local mango tree), the fruits are grown in bunches, but small in size.

Eating them is simple. Just wash them well and consume including the skin. The pulp is fibrous and extremely juicy and tasty.

I just had one and the seed left behind is carefully planted in a pot and kept on the balcony. When it comes out, I will transfer it to our land in the hometown.

If you get a chance to find some of them, just grab them. By the way, all of them are not this extremely tasty. But you can smell the taste.

Chandrakaaran, the best of the best in mangoes.

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