Back Home in Kochi.

We drove back to Kochi from Bangalore yesterday after 3 weeks of stay there.

In fact it was the Covid breakout in March 2020 that created the idea of making Kochi and Bangalore alternate as home.

The lockdown stay of 10 months started when we were stuck in Bangalore without a vehicle as we flew down that time for a short stay.

But this time we took our car and thus could do two memorable drive in holidays to Hampi and Yelagiri. That included a most memorable stay at ultra luxurious resort Evolve Back in Humpi. (please see my blog ‘EVOLVE BACK HUMPI! A SUPER RESORT AND A GENTLE HOLIDAY’.)

Driving is a pleasure, we have good roads now, but the experience is increasingly getting not very pleasurable.

Regionalism, parochialism, dislike-bordering hatred are being encouraged. The pandemic is used as a political weapon to say ‘we’re good and they’re bad’.

Vehicle registered in another state needs to give so many explanations and sort of gets singled out for rules compliance. Rules set before the roads were made super. For example I was to give fine for over speeding on an elevated road where everyone was at 120 kms/hr while the limit is set at 60. You just can’t drive on 60 without getting blown out from vehicles behind.

Happy to be back to see these water birds landing for the team fishing in the waterfront as unique and inspiring morning sight.

But water again would take me back to Bangalore as the beautiful Jayanagar new 50 meters pool is getting opened on March 15.

Imagine walking across for swimming training in Olympic size swimming pool, every day. Total bliss.

Back Home in Kochi.

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