Why I Made Biriyani!

Everyone around me is good in making Biriyani. My wife is an accomplished cook who loves Biriyani. And it’s in the menu in most Kerala restaurants.

New to cooking and focused on trying out exotic and traditional dishes, I am an unlikely Biriyani chef.

But, then I made it, made plenty of it to feed a typical Malayalee family.

The reason, well the reasons are: 1) I saw this recipe for Dum Biriyani and the process looked doable. 2) My wife likes Biriyani.

The recipe is by Mahima Simon and the YouTube link is given here. It’s in Malayalam, but with an essential subtitling in English. For Malayalees, it’s like a coaching as she explains the steps beautifully.

I must admit that I got a huge elevation to contentment and feeling of achievement after making this Dum Biriyani. Thank you Youtuber Mahima Simon. She has several other exotic recipes and demonstrations and it will be worthwhile to subscribe to her channel.

Why I Made Biriyani!

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