Dim Sum (Har Gow).

I have been trying to get some authentic dim sum and it’s not easy in India where momos are also sometimes called dim sum. And when served dim sums, they’re invariably chicken and not prawns.

Then remember, I lived in HongKong and the entire third floor of my office building Citiplaza11 was one dim sum station where the steaming choicest ones were served on wheeled carts that used to travel along the aile feeding the hungry humanity.

I got hold of one authentic recipe which includes making the dough for the outer cover. I must admit that I have to make the dough next time as a new outlet ‘Host’ in Kochi was selling momo covers. The thinner dim sum cover would enhance the feel.

I got the dimsum steamer and ingredient ready to cook bamboo shoots from Amazon.

Ingredients for Har gow filling
150 g deveined unshelled shrimp , pre-soak in cold water for 1 hour
60 g minced bamboo , cooked
60 g minced animal fat , cooked
1.5 tsp. salt
2 tsp. sugar
1.5 tbsp. sesame oil
1/8 tsp. white pepper
1 tsp. starch , potato starch or corn starch

Soak the shrimp in cold water firstly for around 1 hour. This can help to make the shrimp firm after steaming. On operating board, mince half of the shrimp and cut the remaining ones into smaller pieces. If you ever visit a dim sum hall, you may find har gow includes small whole shrimps. But whole shrimp is really hard to assemble, so we just find a balanced point here. Or if you are quite new for assembling dumplings, mince all of your shrimps.

Add salt to shrimp in a large bowl and stir for 1 minutes. Then add a teaspoon of starch and continue stirring the shrimp by hand in one direction for 2-3 minutes until they becomes quite sticky and there are lots of glue like liquid

Then add sugar, sesame oil, white pepper, bamboo and minced animal fat.

Set aside, covered and fridge for 30 minutes.

Take 3/4 teaspoon of the mix into each dough sheet and roll it in dimsum shape.

Bring water to a boil on your stove. Brush some oil on the lined paper (so the dumplings will not stick to the paper) and place them in dimsum steamer one by one. And then steam the dumplings for about 15 minutes with high fire. Then serve hot!

I have copied the method from the recipe.

Dim Sum (Har Gow).

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