FEAR, As It Manifests In Many Ways!

Fear is felt before the cause happens. Once it happens, it’s just a feeling of resignation.

Covid pandemic is a cause for great fear and unfortunately it’s not going away.

There are others, albeit minor in nature in our daily life.

I felt one of those, this morning when I went to the ATM to take some cash.

With a background familiar with cards and it’s operations, I was comfortable in navigating the keys and strokes in asking for the amount required.

And fear struck me when the ATM accepted my PIN and when I looked at the slot where the money would come.

It’s not anxiety, it’s fear of the red notes coming out.

₹2000 denominated notes are a burden to an Indian consumer. The market is enabled for electronic transactions, big and small. But use of physical currency of that value is not.

Declared policies on digital transactions and cash avoidance do not support the existence of such a currency note.

Perhaps the banks find it convenient to load cash machines with it so that they don’t go cashless.

To cut it short, I admit to be a victim of fear of seeing red notes out of an ATM slot.

FEAR, As It Manifests In Many Ways!

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