Dress Sense and Maid Pressure

A lockdown environment and a private terrace encouraged me to enjoy a dress sense without the need for much clothes. Underwear stayed mostly in wardrobe.

Adoption of Intermittent Fasting along with extended workouts using the mostly idle lockdown times, started showing on the body, resulting in narcissistic love for the bathroom mirror.

And all the clothes in store suddenly turned old fashioned or non essentials. Fasting and workout took some 5 inches off the waistline. Amazon deals made the delivery man ringing doorbell practically everyday with new, thinner, tighter, body clinging outerwear, with or without sleeves.

Laziness and lack of much outside exposure made clothes barely used and repeating the same dress for many days was the easier norm.

Till the new part time maid arrived. She comes with fashionable clothes and by the time she repeats a dress, I would have forgotten that she wore it before.

Some pressure indeed, and a maid induced dress sense, at least during the time of her visit.

Dress Sense and Maid Pressure

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