Fasting Benefits! We Haven’t Seen All Yet

Intermittent Fasting has numerous benefits. Starting with the basic weight loss to such unbelievable benefits like prevention or reversal of deadly diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and even Cancer.

There’s one beautiful thing also in there, anti-aging! How cute is that! Especially for someone like me.

A Japanese study in 2019, on four humans,reveal many things. Yes only 4 people, but humans. And if nothing else, it’s sure to lead to extensive studies to make us all look younger.

Scientists found 42 beneficial compounds, 30 more than previously found in 34 to 58 hours of fasting. These compounds that assist in slowing aging are activated some 60 times their normal when fasting extends to 58 hours.

I am already on a 20 hour fasting, daily, hoping to bring in ‘autophagy’ the 2016 Nobel Prize winning revelation that repairs damaged body cells for numerous benefits including anti-aging.

Perhaps I may move to a 58 hour fast, once in a quarter, to look young.

Fasting Benefits! We Haven’t Seen All Yet

6 thoughts on “Fasting Benefits! We Haven’t Seen All Yet

    1. Kurian says:

      Hello Veena, I think you should try Intermittent Fasting. Taking fruits during fasting will break it.
      You are welcome to join where i mentor a small group. Let me know

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  1. Annie says:

    It’s astounding, how your will power stays the course. How do you stay on course? I’m referring to the consistency, the rigor of the daily repetition, the same quota of exercise… In the 4 hr window, what and when do you eat? Your inputs would be invaluable.

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    1. Kurian says:

      Hello Annie, my blog on ‘being regimental’ may give the answer.
      And in the 4 hours of eating window, I eat whatever is available, including some sweets.
      I take a small nap also, thereby helping in consuming less


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