“Ente Pranaya Kathakal” by Elaine:- Book Review

Translated as “My Love Stories”, this Malayalam book of 30 short stories in 125 pages touches the heart in many ways.

I was fascinated reading snippets in Facebook and blog, and decided to buy the book. And enjoyed reading each and every one of the stories.

In many of the stories, one would find himself or someone who is close and I may say it’s something like our stories.

More so, if you are, say 40 or above, you may feel that it’s your story.

Missed or postponed love is beautifully enacted in the stories. Sometimes I felt there could be similarities and it’s a continuous story.

The author describes even small things so beautifully. Be it the ‘kolus’, (anklet, the jingling leg ornament) or manchady / kunnikkuru (red lucky beeds), the author take the readers to the inner rooms of the characters to watch them actually wearing them.

Definitely it’s matured love, cleverly handled by Elaine. I must say, I love the stories.

Imagine him writing his favourite words on her naked belly around the naval with manchadikkuru. The reader can actually see it.

I am not an expert, but these stories merit an award or a prize. If you can read malayalam, make sure to read it. It’s available with Notion Press, the publisher and I believe, even with amazon. The price is just ₹200 for this priceless book.

“Ente Pranaya Kathakal” by Elaine:- Book Review

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