Flood Fury! My River Too.

This is the river where I spent a significant time of my childhood. Flowing by the sides of the compound of the house where I grew up, the river has left so many fond memories.

A change in the rain pattern, with concentration of it in the month of August against distributed intensity over June, July and August has caused heavy floods in Kerala, for the past few years.

Climatic change is manmade! Don’t know if we can get back to good old days where clean water used to flow through such rivers throughout the year.

Unlike many other rivers, my river runs fast taking the water away swiftly, without spreading sideways. Of course it dislodged left side of the grilled gate seen here.

I still have fond memories and I am looking forward to swim in there before the water is all flown away.

And we have to strike a balance with nature. Respect nature and it will return the love with mild and beautiful behaviour.

Flood Fury! My River Too.

5 thoughts on “Flood Fury! My River Too.

    1. Kurian says:

      I wonder! There are more trees planted in our are (rubber plantation). I think it’s the concentration of rain which used to be spread over three months during the monsoon.
      Climatic changes, of course

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