Wellness is Walking After Food!

A good thing about getting addicted to the idea of good health is that one gets new information while reading about it.

One of the most important goals in following intermittent fasting is to get into autophagy stage where many miracles happen. And according to experts, autophagy starts from the 17th hour onwards into fasting.

I was finding it difficult to follow a selected workout schedule with the 16.8 fasting. The schedule had an hour of walking or slow running before dinner. That made dinner late to 8 pm or beyond.

As such I decided to change the schedule by finishing dinner at 6 pm and doing my workout from 7.30 pm after dinner. That way I could extend fasting to 19 hours. And I searched for the effects of working out after eating.

The article in the link below talks about walking after eating. I am sharing it so that you all can consider doing it.


Wellness is Walking After Food!

6 thoughts on “Wellness is Walking After Food!

    1. Kurian says:

      Hello Ekta. Good to see you.
      I am good. In Bangalore against the usual residence in Cochin. Came here in March for two weeks, got stuck ever since. Luckily we have a full set up here. And now used to it.
      How are you doing? Where are you?
      Take care and be in touch

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      1. I’m in kochi right now. I’m doing great just a bit bored being all home wanted to travel to fort kochi beaches badly but no choice other than staying indoors. Take care šŸ™‚

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