Love Handles, How to Handle Without It!

The Times of India’s ‘Sunday Times’ last Sunday carried an article titled ‘In The Mood For Self-Love’. The survey based story about the individual behaviour of people stuck in lockdown is quite revealing and comforting to those who actually have that behaviour.

The story here is not exactly about that story, but related one or frankly complimenting to it.

I have taken working out seriously along with strict intermittent fasting, during the lockdown, burning some crazy calories to the tune of 1700, and naturally it shows.

Then the self-love factor prompts images like the one here, reflecting the results of that workout passion.

And one has to be in a position to be a ‘self critique’ while practising self-love. That’s why I am focusing on the ‘love handle’ still remaining on my waistline.

Self-love and the love per-se will be enhanced if I manage to get rid off it. That’s still love without handle, an enhanced and more effective version.

Love Handles, How to Handle Without It!

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