Iskunda, the Banana Snack

Iskunda, the name is used perhaps only in our household or may be by some relations who had them in our house. Most likely it’s named as part of the gibrish by one of us children. It could be even me.

When bananas become ripe, overripe for that matter, this delicious snack come up.

Brief recipe: ‘Iskunda’, the banana snack. Unlike other fruits, ripe bananas can’t be refrigerated for longer life and banana snacks become common in this lockdown. Overripe bananas smashed with glass‘s bottom, add some sugar, grated coconut and milk powder. Mix well. Add a tablespoon of rava, rice powder and maida (both in the absence of baking powder) and mix again with some cardamom powder and salt. The consistency should be sufficient to deep fry. Add some broken nuts. Bring oil to boil and put the mix into it allowing ameba shape formation. Deep fry on both sides. Do not reduce fire so that the mixture won’t drink oil. Tasty snack is ready. It’s ‘Iskunda’ as it’s the name we call it since childhood.

Use baking powder instead of rice powder and maida. The liberty to give ameba shape makes it easier.

Iskunda, the Banana Snack

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