My Kind Of Activist

The virus and the resultant lockdown have not changed people much, but perhaps would have given time to think about everything.

That’s what exactly happened to me. And if I can take it to the other side when we come out of this, I could still be a better person, and an activist- my kind of!

I have been a social media activist. But when everyone else also became activists, i learned to ignore much. And I learned to delete, yes a delete activist, deleting in bulk.

Something I followed in there have stuck- self love and self challenge. These I will be taking with me. The first one will make me capable of loving and the second to fine tune the lifestyle.

‘Finish your dinner, there are people starving’ the mother’s dictact is practiced. I learned to extract even remnants of food from plates so as not to waste. There are people starving now and they will be there afterwards too.

Bought essentials without looking at the price! on seller’s terms. There were no street vendors, only big players, playing with our handicap. Don’t bargain ever with those poor street vendors afterwards.

Nature is interested in co-existence. In fact a monkey family visited me in my living room. Just sat there and looked at me as if saying ‘peace’. Have to understand and respect nature!

TikTok is the best invention. Always brought a smile in people. So do everything TikTok!


Your Activist

My Kind Of Activist

9 thoughts on “My Kind Of Activist

  1. I think you are learning some very good lessons on this lock down, and becoming the best sort of activist. I’m learning to like that “delete” button too, and will never take abundance for granted again.

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  2. So true! We all are going to be changed people… hopefully! after the corona outbreak is over… Not leaving food in the plate was an unsaid rule we used to follow in our childhood. Unknowingly I passed it on to my children. Somehow I never bargain with the vegetable vendors…even under normal circumstances.


  3. delighted to check in and see that you are doing ok, better than ok I think. However, your post highlighted the way life had become filled or obsessed with buying stuff. I have like so many others been working from home and have learned to embrace the simpler life I used to have pre workdays with children to care for, as they are now grown adults. I noticed some weeks ago that the old Irish custom of greeting people you meet on the street as come back into our lives, I also see parents out cycling with kids, walking with them, I spotted a family walking through a local woodland area talking about the birds they were listening to and it made my heart smile. Perhaps there is hope for humanity after all. Take care sir, and just to let you know I reblogged the great book review you gave me, some time ago. Be safe and happy.

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    1. Kurian says:

      Hello Maria, what a pleasant thing to happen. Thank you very much for looking me up.
      I can see that you are alright and enjoying the nature and old ways wholeheartedly.
      And it reminds me. I have your book ‘moving on’ on kindle and I have to read it. My fault, got involved in some other things.
      Hopefully I will have the privilege of writing a review.
      I have become an athlete competing in Masters Games Swimming. So I am using the lockdown period to keep fit. I even do some land swimming.
      Thank you again and I will be in touch.
      Take care and stay safe


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