Intermittent Fasting Boost Immune System.

I am mentoring a small group of intermittent fasters and I am attaching my today’s communication to the group.

The reason I am writing on it here, is because of the studies on Intermittent Fasting which boost immune systems which would be a defence against the virus.

Though Corona Virus is new for any detailed research, the limited animal (rat) trials and expert analysis point out to the prospect that intermittent fasting helps people to become bad hosts to the virus.

This is all the more important now, that the lockdown restrictions are likely to be relaxed to save economies. Intermittent Fasting could be an additional tool to social distancing and washing hands.

Please take time to read our group message and the valuable video attached here. I am also attaching the previous video to the group. Dr. Nick Zyrowski and Dr. Mindy Pelz are renowned experts and it’s worthwhile to subscribe to their YouTube videos.

If anyone wants to join our broadcast group (individual privacy is taken care of with broadcast group and I as group mentor only have a global view), please send a whatsapp to my whatsapp number +91 9400056031.

My Broadcast on Intermittent Fasting:
Hello everyone, it’s lockdown time for most of us. The temptation to go lax on fasting is high.
But hold on! There has always been evidence that intermittent fasting boosts immune system and accelerate T-cell production.
Though new, there are animal trials and expert simulations on the impact of IF on corona virus. And it’s all pointing out to the benefits.
The lockdown is likely to ease as governments are to consider economy also. And then it’s more important to defeat the lurking virus threat through the good practices like social distancing, washing hands etc.
Dr. Mindy Pelz in the video here and Dr. Nick Zyrowski in the earlier video are firmly advocating Intermittent fasting to become bad hosts for the terrible virus.
Dr. Mindy suggests three fasting types. 1. 13-15 hours 2. 17 hours plus and 3. Dinner to dinner or one meal a day.
If you want a recommendation I would suggest 17 to 18 hours.
And my own plan is as follows:
Do a 13 hour fast on one day in a week. I call it ‘no fast day’.
Do 17-18 hours fast five days in a week.
And do a 24 hour fast once in a week.
I have to convert one of my 17 hour fast to 24 hour one now.
I hope it’s not inappropriate to point out that poorer countries are less affected by the virus spread. If so, a reason could be that by eating less and less frequently, they have acquired the immunity.
So people, take this seriously and get more focused on IF. If you’ve slowed down or stopped IF, please please get seriously back.
And watch/ listen to this video very carefully.

Intermittent Fasting Boost Immune System.

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