Zoo, Role Reversal! They Came to See Us in Lockdown!

I was sitting in the living room after lunch, when I thought I felt some movement in the reception. Yes he was sitting there looking at me. He was not alone, he came with family. Father, mother and two kidos. Like we used to take our family to the zoo.

I know I have to be tactful, somehow or other I had to get him out of the house before my wife sees him. And then I heard ‘Oh my God, Oh my God’ from the kitchen. She just spotted the mother and two kids in the balcony from the kitchen window.

Now I had to act. My friendly requests to the guy didn’t even get any sign of response. I was talking to him saying that my wife doesn’t like more animals in the house and that I am quite sufficient for her.

Even such humour was ignored. That’s when one of the boys decided to come inside the cage to see who was talking to daddy. Fatherly love emerged and in the urge to protect the offspring, the big guy moved slowly taking the kido out into the balcony.

My wife came with the broom and before any war act, I manged to close the balcony door.

Well they stayed for a while and left after satisfying that they had a close encounter with the caged sapiens.

Zoo, Role Reversal! They Came to See Us in Lockdown!

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