A Beautiful Visit From Nature!

My cousin sent me this photo of the lovely peacock visiting his house in Koottikkal, Kerala. That’s my mother’s house and we used to spend most of our childhood holidays there.

Those days we could see a peacock only in the zoo in Thiruvananthapuram. Even now it’s very unusual to find one in our interior Kerala.

This visit is special. This is nature enjoying the peace, the forced isolation of humans is providing. Look at it, it’s stunningly beautiful. And at ease.

Fond memories come back. Though peacocks were rare, we had wildlife and birds rivalling a bird sanctuary. And the adjoining river had cristal clear water and varieties of fish.

The childhood association with peacock had been romantic. The feathers that the peacock shed, were in great demand. We used to keep them in school books and it’s said, it used to multiply.

Usually it’s the girls who used to get to see the peacock feather growing. The reason is simple, when we get the beautiful feathers, the overpowering desire was to give it to the beautiful girls.

Believe me, no other gift had the power to generate that most beautiful smile on her face and if I am not mistaken, the ability to colour the cheeks pink.


A Beautiful Visit From Nature!

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