What About the Other Half

I just read it yesterday! The statement mentioned about the other half. While the half that include me, are trying to make the best out of the lockdown situation with chatting with friends, watching serials etc. there’s this other half is worrying how to survive.

It’s mostly the poor and marginal sector in India, while it’s those who are worried about their jobs, about their businesses in the rich countries.

It’s always a great dilemma. Perhaps we can spend sometime thinking about it. Individually we can do pretty much nothing. But if that compassion, that concern is genuinely implanted, then half the work is done.

That will shape our outlook when we come out of this great mess! And come out we will.

And the empathetic future is perhaps, worth the price we pay now.

What About the Other Half

2 thoughts on “What About the Other Half

  1. Yes! We will come out of this, and meanwhile we just have to take care of each other the best we can. I also feel so sorry for those who don’t have the resources to get the supplies they need to wait out the quarantines.

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