A Cafe, A Live Kitchen And A Mall. And It’s Vegetarian

The new Namdhari’s which has come up near to where we stay in Jayanagar, Bangalore is good in many ways. It’s well stocked with healthy food, there’s a live kitchen and the cafe in the Lanai (varandha) is European in looks.

The huge brick oven for the live pizza in the centre of the kitchen is imposing and is a treat to the eye. There’s a Thai/ Chinese place, the popular kulcha, aloo poratta, sandwiches, croissants, coffee all are deliciously savoured by the public.

You can have take aways, but better enjoy it hot with friends in the outdoor cafe set up which resembles a restaurant street in Europe.

A fab place to have a quiet breakfast, brunch or dinner time outing with friends.

What if it’s all vegetarian, after all the ‘changing games’ recommends plant based protein for super performance.

A Cafe, A Live Kitchen And A Mall. And It’s Vegetarian

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