Swimming Should Go On!

Ray Centre. Wilson Garden Pool

Life should go on! If we get into a shell and withdraw from normal activities, we are inadvertently contributing to fear among near and dear ones.

The Jayanagar swimming complex is under upgradation to international standards. And Sunu found this 50 meter pool within 3 kms to Jayanagar.

I checked it out in the morning. It’s open to general public on payment of ₹40 for half an hour.

It was not very crowded. I did 500 meters, six freestyle laps and four breaststrokes.

Break in swimming for a few days resulted in a bit of a lack in stamina. It needs to pick up.

Of course, did the precautions. Hand sanitizer, no touching mouth, nose, eyes etc. Also no handshakes, maintaining 3 feet distance and similar steps for self and others protection.

Let’s take such small steps, if it also give confidence to others.

Staying in shape is also important

Swimming Should Go On!

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