We Have a Role to Play

World is in turmoil, mostly due to fear! Fear of the virus that’s spreading. And once in fear mode, more fear comes in, like melting economy, dangerous global warming etc etc.

The real danger is continued spread of the fear. The virus, though very dangerous is not taking lives in a big way. Effective precautions are seen to contain it’s spread. However the ‘hope’ is not seen to be encouraged.

People in the know are working hard on solutions to the problem. Luckily, there’s no significant blaming game. A lot of work is coordinated.

This is the time, we as ordinary people, are to play a role. First and foremost, don’t be instruments in spreading a rumour. There are experts to suggest the does and donts.

Social media is a weapon. It’s a weapon capable of spreading despair and rumours. It’s also an instrument to spread hope and love.

Let’s be instruments for spreading hope and love. People are getting isolated/ quarantined for common good. It’s not easy to lead the isolated life. If we know someone who’s quarantined or isolated for monitoring, why not be in touch with him on social media.

Let’s not discuss despair. Talk about the friendship, of the brave things when we were together in school, work or in groups. Better, chart out plans for a get together, picnic or some such nice things after the turmoil is over.

Greet good mornings, talk through the day. Do it individually rather than in groups. Whatsapp is a powerful tool, and address people individually and personally, taking the whatsapp numbers from group.

An important point to remember is that those who are willing to be in isolation is doing it for others/ us also. They are angels of goodwill.

Nobody should feel alone. We are all together. After all, what are friends for!

(Picture courtesy Pinterest)

We Have a Role to Play

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