Speeding Fine! On New Year

I got filmed for speed on the National Highway during daytime on new year day 2020. The offence was clocking 76 kms per hour and the photo showed no other vehicle nearby.

Well Kerala keeps 70 kms as limit on National Highways passing through the state. And there used to be a 10% margin of error before fines are imposed.

Not anymore. The ₹1500 (over 20 dollar) fine is three times the previous rate but ₹3500 less than what was initially proposed. Apparently the state government expects people to be grateful for such a massive reduction though it’s still a 300% increase.

Everyone knows that we can’t fight it but pay as the rules for recourse are painful. And I paid.

I am not a speed driver and I keep applying the brakes to bring the vehicle speed down. Well we used to press the accelerator for any speed when we were driving old model cars. But now with better roads and new cars, the brake is used to control the speed to the old limits.

That’s not all the story. It’s practically impossible to speed on congested roads on a regular day. Then how will the fine department meet the stiff targets set for them!

Catch all and sundry for violation. No grace or allowance for margin of error. Interestingly on the day I got the fine notice, social and mass media were full of the story of a drama company getting fined some ₹24,000 for carrying drama cutouts of certain height in the vehicle. The conclusion in the media is ‘what else they can do to meet the targets’

Apparently the remuneration for playing the drama was ₹25,000. They still made ₹1000 for the entire troupe.

My regret, is that people don’t still recognise me as a daredevil habitual speed offender.

No high, gutty macho image!

Speeding Fine! On New Year

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