Stop Press!

I am getting featured in a program by Asianet news channel. It’s on Masters Games and that ‘sportsman never retires’.

It’s Broadcast on Asianet News, Malayalam TV channel on February 12, 2020, tomorrow.

It gets covered in the India time 7 am to 8 am news bulletin and again in special sports news at 8-15 am.

I hope it will be convenient for you to watch.

I will be happy to send a clip to those who can’t make it to the broadcast. Please let me know.

Stop Press!

6 thoughts on “Stop Press!

  1. Anonymous says:

    I will retire the day, I see my dream fully booked, Planet Earth sounds familiar.
    The ones that don’t have access to Medical, education, food, or a least a semi descent life.
    Very respectfully 🙏
    To the older generation.
    From a humble human.
    Love and peace ❣️

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