Game Changer! It Well Could Be!!

It was Farhad, my Standard Chartered Bank, India boss who suggested I see the Netflix item ‘Game Changers’.

And I couldn’t believe, world’s strongest, fastest and the best go for plant based protein to enhance their performance.

I am a complete non vegetarian and I look at meat, eggs and diary based protein to help me with my new intense workout schedule.

After watching on Netflix, I am now looking at what plant based protein I can go for.

I am going to tell my Intermittent Fasting Group about it. Perhaps they know about it already. But it’s sure to call for major changes to those on Keto diet and non vegetarian diet as to what to eat during the eating window.

Of course, there are many vegetarians in the group and even they can fine tune their diet to proper plant based protein and share their experiences.

Imagine becoming a Vegan! Well if it improves performance, why not!

Especially, with the huge focus on performance.

Game Changer! It Well Could Be!!

9 thoughts on “Game Changer! It Well Could Be!!

    1. Kurian says:

      I will give a try Elizabeth. For example for dinner today I had mushroom omelette and salad of cucumber, tomato and carrots sprinkled with soaked chia seeds.
      Perhaps eggs are not required.
      I will now have some nuts with dried cranberries.
      The idea is to reduce meat.
      It’s already working! I feel more energetic. Perhaps the placebo effect

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