Intermittent Fasting- The Best Wellness Program.

Today I am completing one year in Intermittent Fasting. I started it on 19, January 2019 when my friend from Kuwait asked my opinion about it, citing very positive changes to her friend who was on the fasting.

I am mostly devoted and strict with the schedule ever since.

It has changed my life in a very positive way. Right now I am preparing for a national level swimming competition in February. I am looking at developing my dream six packs.

I am also much more positive in life. I am even looking for movie acting roles after a chance appearance in a Malayalam movie, acting as the president of India. I even think positively to a classmate’s comment that I could be the lucky Mascot for the hugely successful movie.

Autophagy is my target in Intermittent Fasting and as such I supplement fasting with some High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) which alone could usher in autophagy. For this I do intense sets of swimming with Interval rests.

I am slowly getting into a swimmers body shape which comes with six packs.

I feel and perhaps look much younger to my actual age.

The only problem to mention is the ‘Dawn’s Phenomenon’ I seem to have developed. That’s my blood glucose reading of 85 in the early morning hours, going up to like 130 as I progress into fasting. Some say Dawn’s is okay, but I need to get out of it.

I run a whatsapp broadcast group on Intermittent Fasting. This is a broadcast group and privacy and phone numbers are kept confidential.

I am happy to have more interested members and the benefits of sharing experiences and opinions in the group are highly beneficial.

I must also add that I lost 8 kgs in the program, while eating well during the eating window. This is in spite of the muscles I have built on.

If interested, send a message to my whatsapp number +91 9400056031. I will add you to the group, which I am sure you will enjoy and benefit.

I will have the satisfaction of sharing my wellness experience to the group members and by being the mentor to the group.

The learnings from group members are priceless.

Happy IF anniversary to me!

Intermittent Fasting- The Best Wellness Program.

20 thoughts on “Intermittent Fasting- The Best Wellness Program.

  1. Congratulations!
    This is thrilling. I myself tried intermittent fasting for time. I did not see very much success but also was not putting in the full level of effort that I should have. Your success is inspiring to me as somebody who is trying to lose weight and get fitter and as I continue on my journey, I may look t your success to try IMF again.

    If you are interested or have any advice, I have started my own blog as I seek to better myself: If you care to, any advice would be welcome.

    Thank you,

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  2. Ark Andrew says:

    Wow one year congrats!

    I just started fasting. Jumped right into one meal a day. Right now I’m into day 8 and I’m actually feeling good.


    1. Kurian says:

      Thank you.
      By the way, are you on Intermittent Fasting. If not, perhaps it’s not the time to start. If you’re, then you should continue like me.
      However, there are a lot of information in our group. If you are interested please whatsapp me on +91 9400056031.
      It’s a broadcast group and privacy is assured


    1. Kurian says:

      Yes Jaymee, it’s the best that’s happened to me. In fact I am mentoring a small group of about 70 fasters from around the world


  3. Well done! I hope the acting works out for you.

    I’ve just started with fasting, and am currently halfway through my first four day fast, which I’m using to kick start my way into the lifestyle. I figured, why not dive into the deep end?!

    I’ll check out your group.

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    1. Kurian says:

      Hello Paulina, it’s a good program.
      In case you want to get some details on Intermittent Fasting that we have assembled for our small group, send a whatsapp message to my phone +91 9400056031.
      It’s a small breakfast group where member details are with me only it’s free service

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