Thank you all for the company in 2019.

I must say, I have had a good 2019, thanks to your support and company. Among all the social interaction avenues, I regard this blog opportunity the best.

We all know that personal interactions of meetings and conversations over the phone are the ideal route to sustainable friendship. But there are limitations.

Groups of common interests are enjoyable and sustainable. These include sports, games, art and think tank. If we can continue and enhance the enthusiasm, it’s beautiful.

Then we have any number of social media opportunities. These have their own pros and cons. Some are good, some are not so good.

But the blog world stands out. If I give my example, I don’t personally know most of my blog connections.

But I have a strong relationship in there, healthy friendship and frank discussions. How else would I reach out to people of 91 countries! We discuss small things with much passion as if we have known each other for ages.

I have always reached out to my blog friends whenever i have something new, achievements and ideas and got supported.

Friends encouraged me to dream. New focuses like trying to be a world class swimmer, movie actor, six packs etc are supported.

So before I wish you all a happy new year, let me thank you all in my last blog of the year, for the wonderful company in 2019.

Thank you all for the company in 2019.

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