Dream In Uniform! Walter Mitty Style!

The discipline and fame in uniform has always attracted me. With two of my brothers as police officers, the power and respect were definite aspirations.

My country went to a few wars other than world wars. That’s when the focus moved from law enforcement police, to country’s defenders, the soldiers.

And I wanted to join the defence forces and wrote the exams and came out with flying colours. That’s how I went to Meerut Service Selection Board for the final selection.

And I was there with 19 other contestants (I am No. 12) who were sons or nephews of military generals or similar ranks, and who all studied in military schools and trained on the test hurdles.

Actually I fell from the rope on stage seven of the eleven hurdles thus scoring only 21 out of 55, but came back rich in experience and my first multicultural group of friends.

The fascination to uniform continued.

In remote Kerala, going to war was mistakenly associated to dying for the country. That’s around the time when I saw the movie ‘Patton’.

The movie was released at the time when I was at the Service Selection Board, but I saw it a bit later when it was released in India.

The opening scene and Patton’s speech of the movie revived the fascination.

“No poor dumb bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making other dumb bastards die for their country”.

George C Scot after the movie started signing his name ‘George C Patton’.

And you can imagine what the self proclaimed dreamer ‘Walter Mitty’ can do.

I have thus led several wars and won as Generals and sometimes as Field Marshals.

Dream In Uniform! Walter Mitty Style!

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