It’s Different When We Are Afraid!

Afraid! It’s synonymous to when one is scared or lack in courage.

Fearlessness is a virtue of the brave. And we all want to be brave to do the good things our hearts want us to do.

So, good things happen when people, societies, organisations and governments are brave and fearless to stand for good things.

Freedom is a birthright, more than a fundamental right and which is often taken for granted. The thing about freedom is that you feel it only when it’s denied.

Freedom is denied in many parts of the world. But still some rights are protected through law and independent institutions.

But when such institutions get off the track, the protected get afraid. And everything become different.

Then people lose the ability to react to injustice. The fearlessness is gone. We become silent spectators to innocent people getting smoked out of their dream homes, writers getting handcuffed for being brave.

We don’t then react when we are denied of our rights. We suffer terrible infrastructure and watch helplessly when the responsible try to pass the buck and get clapped for blaming subordinates.

Perhaps the dream homes would be standing if facts are presented correctly and wrong doings accepted. Roads would have been in good shape if responsibility is owned and the buck is not passed down. Bridges would have eased the traffic if money was used to buy cement instead of buying personal properties.

Actually we the people are the masters, but we are afraid to react, as we don’t know who will help us in time of need. Not those who we pay the salaries through our taxes nor the ones we voted to work for us.

Afraid because they may consider us enemies and use the machinery we paid to build, to silence us, if we react.

Like the ‘Frankenstein’s monster’.

It’s Different When We Are Afraid!

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