Book Review: Roads A Journey With Verses

Roads, A Journey With Verses by Vandana Bhasin and Smitha Vishwanath.

Publisher: Notion Press

My Review

I love poetry and even wrote a few here and I thought I could also come out with poetry, as well wishing friends commented positively on them.

Then I was reading some of the comments elsewhere from people who are good in poetry, rubbishing random people like me writing crap in the name of poetry.

That’s when I came across this book, Roads. Frankly, the first thing attracted me was that the authors are both ex-bankers like me.

With that connection established, I got the book and started reading.

The collection of poetry has one striking feature. The authors start with a summary giving a background to the poem that follows.

For me poetry has the superiority over literature as the reader gets to interpret the lines in a beautiful way. The verses add to this edge.

The book is of 60 poems arranged under nine virtues. I think the poets have contributed 30 each. Of course I didn’t count, which is a deliberate decision.

But then, one may not be able to find out who the poetess is by reading the poem as both have similar styles for a reader like me trying to follow their expressions of the heart. Perhaps all hearts speak the same language. In fact the poets have hinted that it’s a reflection of their life journey.

Though not an expert, I can say that I enjoyed reading each and every poem. Bankers also can be good poets. And the poems here are really good.

By the way, I am sure that the experts that I spoke about initially will endorse these beautiful poems.

The banker colleagues have made us proud.

Pages 159

Available on Amazon also.

Rating: 4.5 ⭐️

Book Review: Roads A Journey With Verses

15 thoughts on “Book Review: Roads A Journey With Verses

  1. Thank you Kurian for this amazing review on the book. So happy you enjoyed reading the poems and well, if you say the poems are good 🙂 then it’s safe to say, ‘Bankers can write poems too’ for bankers come with hearts too. Thank you again for buying the book and taking the time to read the book.🙏

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  3. Thanks Kurian! This came as a pleasant surprise to me! It’s a great feeling to have your work endorsed by fellow writers and here’s a topping of being banker too 🙂 Your lovely review just made my day. Thanks again for your words of appreciation. I’m glad you enjoyed reading 🙂

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